There are many forms that we must have completed and in our possession before we can assume the
responsibility of caring for your child. Before your child is admitted into daycare, a security deposit equal to two
weeks of child care must be paid. This deposit will be credited to your last week's fee provided you are in
compliance with the handbook and contract.
  • Trial period

All new children will be cared for on a two-week (10 business days) trial period beginning on your child's first
actual day of care. During that time the parents or provider may terminate the child care agreement with
hours notice.
  • Arrivals-Departure

It is normal for some children to have difficulty separating from parents in the morning or not wanting to leave
when it's time to go home. The longer you prolong the departure the harder it gets.(no more than 5 minutes is
sufficient) A smile, cheerful good-buy kiss, and a reassuring word that you will be back are all that is needed in
the morning. When picking up your child, again please be brief. This is the time that children will test to see if
the rules still apply when two authority figures are present. Please be in control of your child.
  • Fees

Payment is due no later than the drop off time on your first contracted care day of each week. A year-end
statement of all daycare fees paid during the year will be given to you in January of the next year for TAX
  • Your absence - Notification

You are required to notify us prior to your contracted drop off time if your child will not be coming for the day or
if you will be late in arriving.
  • Holidays - Vacations

We take  twelve paid holidays and up to  eight unpaid vacation days per calendar year. Please be aware that if
you go on vacation we still expect payment in full for the days your child will not attend day care.
  • Meals

Nutritious meals will be provided at no extra cost, Parents with infants do need to supply formula.
  • Termination Policy

You have the right to terminate child care at any time during your trial period. After your trial period has ended,
we ask you as a courtesy to us to give us at least two weeks notice that you will no longer need our services.

Abuelitas Daycare